Happy Year of the Pig, and a Bloomin’ Character Interview


The Magic Pigs Year 🙂 ❤

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

chinese new year woman-lights thomas-despeyroux-1208133-unsplashThomas Despeyroux, Unsplash

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!  Yes, I realize I’m a little early.  However, Atonement, TN’s porcine residents, Deme and Honeybell heard it is going to be the Year of the Pig.  Those two glowing gals wouldn’t leave me alone until they got their own special post. 

Straightlaced Saturday will return next week with another Victorian novel.

Actually, I had been trying to write a Valentines story… and getting nowhere.  I gave up, but the glowing pigs started their grunt-snuffle-snort in my brain.  I was just as stuck when I tried to give them a new story for Chinese New Year.  I think my writer-brain accidentally got packed in one of my moving boxes…

Deme and Honeybell still wouldn’t leave me alone though.  When I asked how they might celebrate it being the Year of the Pig, one of them said something about “fortune…

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