Plato: “The Banquet”: “The Myth of the Androgyne”:


“El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto” / “The Visible World is Just a Pretext”.-

Platón: “El Banquete”: “El Mito del Andrógino”.-

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This myth appears in the Banquet of Plato, specifically in the Discourse of Aristophanes.

Aristophanes points out that he will speak differently than Pausanias and Eriximachus have done previously. Although it is comical, it hides deep thoughts.

He believes that men have ignored the great force that comes from Love, because if they had not raised Temples and Altars to render sacrifices. It defines love as an intimate desire for the restitution of a lost plenitude, of reunion with a total. Self with the loved one. Aristophanes tells us an ancient legend about Ephialtes and Oto, sons of Thessalian Aloeo, who chained Ares and tried to climb the sky to overthrow Zeus (Homer).

He states that, in antiquity, humanity was divided into three genders, the masculine, the feminine, and the androgynous (from the Greek Andros-Man and Gino-Mujer). The beings that belonged to this last class were round, with four arms, four legs, two faces on the head and, of course, two sexual organs. They were joined by the belly. They were beings so terrible for their vigour and strength that they felt enough to attack the gods. Since Zeus could not destroy the human race, since he was the one who worshipped the gods, he punished them by splitting them in half. Apollo cured them by giving them the current form that both sexes have, and later their “embarrassments” went on.

Love from time immemorial tries to unite them, so that when they meet they come together in such a way that it is for life, trying each one to meet and merge with the beloved and become two beings in one, so that Only our species could achieve happiness when the time comes when half of humanity meets its other half. Each half of a primitive man and woman indulge in homosexuality in search of their other half, while half of the androgyne indulges in heterosexuality in search of their other half.

A Corollary of Aristophanes: All forms of Love are true, but Aristophanes says that the love of a man to a woman is inferior and that of a man towards another superior and true man.



4 thoughts on “Plato: “The Banquet”: “The Myth of the Androgyne”:

  1. ” It defines love as an intimate desire for the restitution of a lost plenitude, of reunion with a total. ”

    I can certainly live with the second half of the sentence but feel ambivalent about the former. The latter seems to augur hope and salvation for all the former smacks of personal desire. But whatever, an interesting myth. The ancients are as relevant today as they ever were. The human condition remains much the same despite technology and medicine. We are still as lost. Or at least I am!

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