The One & Only ‘EBONEE’



eboneeImage by kaSSandrA

On the whole she would speak in riddles whether posing a question or in idle conversation. Her preference to give noxious gifts in abundance, a thing of pure joy to the outed masochists, unwelcome to all others. Not that those ‘others’ dare say a word aside from making the polite noises expected of them and putting on a show of drowning in truthless gratitude.  Such are the ways of invincible tyrants whose doctrine is not accountable to down trodden natives. The divine are known to favour the iron fist, although in her case the trepidation she could invoke with just a knowing smile meant she rarely felt compelled to throw that first symbolic punch.  A propensity to savour complete and total power for her warped amusement was sufficient to serve her purpose of being.  God help those who defied her wishes or she grew sick and tired…

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