“Oi Len, fancy a quick one at The Chelsea?”

“What do you mean Svetlana, a swift libation?”

“No me old fruit bat I was more thinking both.”

“Fine…why not, I’m up for that.”

 “Anyhow Lennie boy, you got any new songs you can belt out for me in your own indomitable style by way of a serenade as a prelude to my seduction?”

“Can’t say as how I have presently, luv. Me mind refuses to wander creatively anymore.”

“You’re having a laugh surely?”

“No Svet, it’s the honest truth. I’m bolloxed in that regard at the moment. Even now whilst your otherwise engaged abandoning your kit in a manner most tantalising, my creative juices fail me. I must admit I’m getting a tad worried about it if the truth be told.”

“Well Lenny, if you care to cast your gazers over here I’ll lay odds you’ll feel inspired, you old…

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