People From Heaven|مردمانی از بهشت


Even if it is a fairy Tale, it’s a wonderful one 😊❤❤😊

A Voice from Iran

After 16 years away from Iran, he decided to pay a visit. One day, he borrowed his brother’s car to re-live his good old days in Tehran.


At a traffic light on a busy street, a 14-15 year-old boy asked for his permission to wash the windshield of the car. He nodded and the boy started to wash the windshield very fast and clean. He tipped the boy $20 USA.


The boy asked: “Do you live in USA?”

He said: “Yes.”

The boy answered: “Can I give your money back and instead ask you some questions?”

He said: “Have you had lunch? Let’s have lunch together.”


The boy jumped into the car.

“How old are you my son?” He asked.

The boy said: “16. I will graduate from high school this year.”

He said: “Isn’t the age of graduation 18?”

The boy said: “Yes, but I can graduate this year…

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