tangible illusions 01032018

(Photograph by Jerry Uelsmann)

The Event

below the surface

filthy in every which way rendezvous

at ground level

the hangover cure cafes

not so hidden, hidden brothel retreats

divinely cut-loose ever so purple showgirls

all-inclusive sexual indulgence

the wizardry of New Orleans jazz migrated

potent blinding nectarous spirits

voluptuous fly-by-nights

a stained mattress for spare change

the feckless drag of syphilis and gonorrhoea


purest decadent heaven

for the young scribblers

the budding philosophers

the pubescent painters

the theatrical muses

sweet dreamers one and all

Yet what is this she hears? Tantalizing dreamers brought to their knees? Subjugated? The grapevine never lies. In the twinkling of an eye, the self-proclaimed Presidente La Sandmano and his menagerie of debauched (they would, of course claim otherwise) compatriots have seized control. The Land of Nod, a safe-haven no more for those gifted sleepers inclined toward the offbeat pleasures of scandalous scarlet rose petal…

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