“The Flower and the Frog” ~ Jorge Bukai


A small but big-deep story which learns a lot. wonderful ❤      By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife With a great Thank 🙂 

Stories “The Flower and the Frog”  from the book “From the Ignorance to Wisdom” by Jorge Bukai

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Once upon a time, a huge charming rose grew right at the centre of a lovely garden. The flower had a lively red colour, and it was not only beautiful but, moreover, she knew it. He even liked singing that beautiful song for, that, “the most beautiful flower in the garden.” 
One day, the rose began to desire more fans of its beauty, more people smell its gentle scent, more lovers to praise its perfection. However, he noticed annoyed that the world looked at him and received expressions of satisfaction, but always from afar.
The rose looked around him and discovered that at the source, very close, a huge and mischievous frog lived. He decided that this was the reason why nobody approached the rose to see the wonderful flower of her. The ugliness of the frog was terrifying the visitors … 
Exasperated with the truth that had just been revealed to him, the rose was stretched and he ordered the frog to leave the garden and never to come back again. 
The frog, perhaps the greatest admirer of the rose, obeyed. 
“Okay,” he said, “since you want it …” 
He took his few belongings and left jumping from the garden to the river …
After a few weeks, the forgotten frog went through the rose. Without much thought, he glanced at the garden and was surprised to see the rose completely withered, with few leaves and its petals wrinkled, without glow. 
Then, without any hesitation, he said, 
“I see you crap … What happened to you?” 
The rose tried to smile, to thank him for his compassion. 
“Since you left the worms they ate my leaves, day after day the ants destroyed my roots to make their nests. I was weak, and I never chewed on, that pretty flower you knew. ” 
” What a pity, “said the frog. “I’m sorry.” 
“Yes,” said the rose, “it was a great misfortune.”
“It was no misfortune,” the frog said. “When I was here I ate all the worms and larvae of the ants …”

by SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

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