Strawberries: The Fruits of Love


Sometimes, the Gods and the Fates are cruel; sometimes, They are kind. Either way, if you have a loved one in your life, share a strawberry, drink some champagne, and most importantly, be grateful for the love you have…

Because strawberries can’t fix everything.

Myth Crafts

Strawberries and Champagne are the quintessential ingredients for any romantic night in. So how did this tiny fruit become a popular love staple?

There is an obvious association with love; the fruit grows in the shape of a tiny red heart. A latter version of the Aphrodite and Adonis story claims to tell the origins of the strawberry: Aphrodite was in love with the beautiful Adonis, but his love for hunting ended up being his undoing. Gored by a boar, he lay in the forests gasping his last breaths as Aphrodite rushed to his side. She poured nectar on his wounds, hoping against hope to heal him, but it was too late and her beloved mortal died in her arms. Popular myth claims that her tears mingled with his blood; as this fluid seeped into the ground, strawberries grew in their place.

aphrodite and adonis Peter Paul Rubens, mid 1630’s. Housed in the…

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