C.G. Jung on the Moon: Psychic Reality & Buddhist Phenomenology


“Cogito, ergo sum.” ❤

Myth Crafts

Once upon a time, there was a bright young girl named Marie-Louise who loved fairy tales. One day, she made a journey to visit the famous psychologist, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung.

Dr. Jung explained to Marie-Louise that he had a female patient who lived on the Moon.

She corrected him – surely he meant to say that the women thought she lived on the Moon.

Jung replied that he had meant exactly what he said: the woman lived on the Moon.

As future Jungian analyst and collaborator Marie-Louise von Franz later recalled, ”[I] went away thinking that either he was crazy or I was.”

Regardless as to who was (in)sane, von Franz returned to work with Jung.

Jung called this phenomenon Psychic Reality; essentially, it is a form of ontological phenomenology.


Who-da what-a what? you might be asking at this point. Let’s examine those words together.

Ontology means the…

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