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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Flowers in buckets annie-spratt-210740-unsplash.jpgAnnie Spratt, Unsplash

Welcome, everyone.   As you know, I worked on the second novel in my Atonement, TN universe for several years before recently publishing Atonement in Bloom.  Forgive me if continue to celebrate the completion of that endeavor — my head and my heart are still in my quirky fictional town.  So, I decided to write a very short story related to “Bloom.”

This story would have happened “off camera” during Flowery Backfire, Chapter 8 of Atonement in Bloom.  Bethany and two minor characters, the brother and sister — Marge and Tracey Tipton get the spotlight.

Blossoms and Bears

Goth black boots just legs jan-szwagrzyk-574827-unsplash.jpgJan Szwagrzyk, Unsplash

Bethany shivered and turned up the heater in her purple Volkswagen Beetle.  

The little car was crammed full of flowers.  Azaleas were arranged in the seats.  Dahlias draped across the dashboard.  Sunflowers stood up from the sunroof.  Petunias protruded from…

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4 thoughts on “A Bloomin’ Short — Blossoms & Bears

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        It was bound to make a few people wonder what was going on… but it seemed like the best way to handle it.
        Thank you for your patience in opening it again today.

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