The collapse of universal human values


Today we find that the universal values ​​that so much effort and blood have conquered by the peoples of the earth through the ages have been weakened by the emergence of money as the first value. We have reached the point of the deification of money and material goods. The need to restart and strengthen the role of universal values ​​in our lives on the planet as a whole is imperative. Without these values, ​​only the downhill and destruction remain.



The great embankment that holds, holds and holds humanity in a path of spiritual values, with the ideals and cultures, is our love and our attachment to universal human values: Peace, democracy, freedom, equality, justice, meritocracy, honesty, virtue. This embankment has been weakened and continues to weaken. We are living under the collapse of universal values.

The few (and there are everywhere and always a few) try to contain the torrent of the dropping of moral values. Almost always anonymous and unprotected from the moon of the nasty, when they reveal their dirt. Dedicated to their duty, with passion and love, and with unparalleled patience and will, they give it all for an idea, a dream: to make a better humanity.

brecht Trying to make this dream come true, it’d be quickly finding that the path of success is up and down. These are some of the   difficulties that Brecht ‘s view of how to fight falsehood and   ignorance:

“Whoever today wants to fight the falsehood and ignorance and write the truth has to overcome the least five difficulties:

  · They must have the courage to write the truth, although they who whimper everywhere, they are eliminated.

  · The cleverness of recognizing it, even if it is hidden in a     thousand ways.

· The art makes it, It’s a handy and effective weapon.

· The judgment to choose, those in their hands the truth will gain tremendous strength.

· It is wise to spread it among them.

 Universal human values ​​are the thread that knits human tissue. It is the fertilizer that helps in its development. And it is this human tissue that brings people together, joining them to a body, a mind, a soul, in order to overcome the obstacles, to make the necessary excess, for mankind to live a better life. Without the fabric of universal values, we can not overcome the great and devastating threats of our planet, nor lift humanity up and make it more human. Without the fabric of universal human values, ​​it is like building on the sand. Only with this web can mankind prevent all evil and make real the dreams and aspirations of all peoples of all time for a fairer and more human life.

Nothing of despondency, 
joint marriage, and the future invisible.


of Paraskevas N. Paraskevopoulos Professor of the NTUA


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