Vampire Pumpkins


Nifty Buckles

Halloween Countdown continues with Scary Gypsy folklore on Vampiric Pumpkins.

Just when you thought you have a safe pumpkin for carving your jack-o-lantern on Halloween night. Watch out for the full moon when you choose your potential Jack-o-lantern. 🎃

According to Balkan Romani Gypsy Folklore, pumpkins and watermelons, can transform into Vampire squash or fruit that have seeds and a hard shell. This ominous Gypsy tale warns folks that a pumpkin stored more than ten days or not eaten before Yule or Christmas will probably activate a pumpkin’s vampiric transformation.

The Gypsy lore continues to caution us, that leaving your pumpkin outside beneath a full, bright moon could trigger your huge, orange round squash to morph into a vicious vampire pumpkin.

When your pumpkin has changed you can hear the Vampire pumpkins growl underbrush with huge vines that reveal a blood spattered pattern like veins across its’ terrifying shell.


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