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By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

Is there something irrelevant?

We say from the beginning, no!

Let us look at the data, as well as the views that exist.

Ancient Chinese thought captured the archetypal poles of nature and identified them in any form as complementary contrasts: male-female, positive-negative, up and down (Dipola). In one pole he gave the name “yin” and the other “yang”. The relationship between these concepts was depicted in the ancient symbol “Tai-Chu-Tou” in the “Diagram of overcoming”. It comes from a circle of x-ray circle, two x-ray circles, which have their centres on the same diameter, so they touch each other, but also with the original circle, as shown in the figure:

The Yen integration momentum triggers the birth of yang, the completion of which trigger the birth of yin and so on. On the same idea we think that we find it wonderfully formulated by Greek thought in the words: “no evil pure good”, “zero again”, “metron excellent”, and the thought of Heraclitus “always holds, no one” of the universe and every genesis is the product of contradictions and thus relationships . Besides, the theory of “relativity” is based on the same principle, the relations resulting from the movement of everything, the perception of space-time.


In relation So with all this, we correct the non-existence of Lemma unrelated to a valid, recognized dictionary Greek language of Liddell-Scot-Konstantinidou in the sense that the newer dictionaries and modern Greeks attach, ie the non-situated with respect, but with the totally different concept of irrepressible, impenetrable, irresistible. Indeed, in the newer dictionaries (Tegopoulos-Fytrakis) the word has disappeared in its original sense, and Babiniotis hardly gives us the grace for a brief reference. The constant justification of modern linguists? The liveliness of language! For the sake of liveliness, let words die of centuries of meaning contribute to culture; and of course ignoring the “individual” and “collective self”, only a technocratic conception, in the name of the liveliness of the language, repel the real causes; “ignorance” with their own newer meaning of the word -which does not exist for us-but of the substantive ignorance of what they really do, since they can not even ask the question -which the word got this meaning in later years – because it means this was not determined by the creation of a new word? Of course, the answer is bitter – as any truth – and that is why it is repelled. Because in every period of decline, along with so many others, the glossoplasts disappear as indifference, lunacy, half-life leading to the “sacrilegiousness” of the language, processing it for a more profitable sale of the by-product, and that was just that word … A comparison of older ones with more recent dictionaries demonstrates the magnitude of the disaster, which pre-empts the bleak future. Of course, if one can understand that the language (correct for us) is the most important means of communication with the “self” and the “other” – who conclude relationship – in order to promote the knowledge of the “individual” and “collective organization” it is necessary to be clear, precise, unambiguous. Characterization of the Spartans’ communication and the sign of dolphins.



(a) Relationship of persons :

  1. Relationship with self
  2. Relationship with the family tree, straight line (parents, pre-parents, children, grandchildren) and sideways (brothers, uncles, cousins).
  3. Relationships with teachers, peers (in school years).
  4. Relationships with superiors, subordinates, colleagues (in the workplace) and relations with the public, fellow citizens, service staff.
  5. Relationships of social acquaintance, friendly, emotional-sexual (philhellenes, philosophies).
  6. Indirect relationships (fantasy, virtual reality, telecommunications through print, television, cinema, music and other arts).That is relationships with idols.
  7. Online Relations.
  8. b)Relationships with animals
  9. c)Relationships with plants
  10. d)Relationships with things-bodies.


(a) Animal relations

  1. b)Relationships of plants
  2. c)Relationships of things-bodies, and all of them with each other, cross.

It is sufficient for the above classification to realize that beings are a universal network extending to all dimensions and that they interact dynamically. They are the knots of the net and the threads between them – just like brain cells with their synapses – in this body of the universe. This interaction is more perceptible as man’s self-awareness – maturity increases. Then the ability to perceive the most important dipole relationship is acquired:


Then it is “illuminated,” the man is matured, “experiencing” the concept of Sequence (of the reciprocity of consistency) of the universal network, reproaching: “Hallelujah.

So you see in this sorting table the huge range of relationships.

Let us also look at the terrible depth of their significance, analyzing the ancient and omnipotent question: What is the meaning of Life?

Book books have been written, exorcisms of famous, unfortunately vague, individual, vague, insubstantial.

Take care of such anthology that I have a rough one titled “The meaning of Life” as seen by people prominent and virtuous. I note the encoded table of contents.


  1. Life is to enjoy it.
  2. We exist to serve God
  3. We exist to discover our wisdom and ourselves.
  4. The meaning of life is a mystery.
  5. Life does not make sense.
  6. We live to help others.
  7. Life is a struggle.
  8. We exist to offer to society.
  9. We need to make sense.
  10. Life is absurd.

We answer that its meaning is expressed in one word: HARA! Without joy, Zoe makes no sense. We all find that life is characterized by a shift of joy with regret, that is, the deprivation of joy.

When we are without joy, we live hoping to restore it. That is why the wish is “transient” in all sorts of sorrows, as in the case of diseases, which are one of the main reasons for deprivation of joy, due to the loss of health-It is evidence that cases when depression leads to despair, in the loss of hope that joy will come back, suicide is ending, because life is losing its meaning now –

If we take care, we will see that two are the sources of joy. Pleasure and enjoyment on the one hand and virtue with love and love on the other.

In the features that distinguish one source from the other, we will discuss below.

Let us say here, however, that if we take better care to observe, we will find that drawing the joy from these two sources – or, rather, from regret, when the pumping is not achieved – is done through our relationships with ourselves and with others.

So, why do we say that there is no irrelevance!

Yes, why are relationships A and Z of Life!

Yes, why relationships are its meaning when they offer joy and deprive it of its meaning when it causes pain and sorrow.

Here, let us give you a parenthesis because that is what the union wants. Let’s now done with this nonsense of daily “to congratulate” their “congratulated” – No congratulations to someone, but with someone and of course, do not need, and with, as contained in the plus. So I just get together. And let’s get through the press and in essence, once the moment is right, as it has to do with the delicate discretionary ability on interpersonal relationships. It is a superior distinctive degree of “knowing it”,  of “maturing”, of “perfecting”, of compassion from being compassionate (compassionate). (Details in relevant chapter)

Let us be so sparing in the word congratulations, to feel honest, authentic when we express it because only then is the word accompanied by proper emotion and appropriate behaviour and of course not to say it with the meaning of the blessing, I reward him.

Much will be mentioned in the relevant chapters about the importance of speech-language in interpersonal relationships as well as in relation to self.


 (Referral Table): * We will discuss in detail below, in the chapter “Entertainment and Recreation”.

(To see the image in larger size, click on it).

We have drawn this painting and taught him for decades. But please note, how amply confirmed biologically (molecular biology genome), the much recent (March-July 2013) American scientific research: A functional genomic perspective on human well – being, of BarbaraL. Fredrickson, StevenW. Cole et . all (PNAS). The researchers, based on their findings, conclude that one is not enough to be happy in general, as human genes, in a mysterious way, are “molecularly” distinguished, “right” by the “wrong” kind of happiness. There are two kinds of joy, the virtuous (also called “bliss”), and those who belong here are in an advantageous position in terms of the healthy functioning of their genes, compared to those who feel the “bad” and shallower joy (the so-called ” hedonistic “). In other words, meaningful life is superior (even in biological-genomic terms), from a simple, happy life.

For years, scientific research has focused on how the genome and the immune system are affected by anxiety, depression, and so on. But now the focus has been on the effect of the positive mental state on the biological function and found that all forms of happiness are ultimately not equal to the “eyes” of the genes.

Their basic conclusion was that people who feel the “blissful” type of happiness, ie they have a sense of selflessness, courtesy and a deeper meaning in their lives (social service, charity, spiritual search, etc.), have a more favourable expression genes in their bodies, resulting in their immune system is more effective and their body being better protected from disease.

On the other hand, those who feel happy, but in a “hedonic” way, that is, they usually suffer from egocentric, ephemeral and material satisfaction (food, sex, entertainment, etc.), exhibit negative expression of genes in their bodies. more vulnerable to chronic inflammation, infections and other diseases (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, etc.). The researchers pointed out that while “hedonistic” people subjectively feel very nice, their genes objectively react very differently than in the case of “audacious” people.

Previous research by the same and other scientists has correlated positive emotions-especially the “blond” type with a longer life expectancy, meaning “right” happiness gives more years of life. Perhaps as the great psychologist Karl Jung said, “the smallest thing that makes sense, it is more worth living than the bigger meaningless one.” And as the Proverb says – we add – after the wise advice he gives for a virtuous life, that: “This is how you live a lot of time, and you are added to live ( Proverbs Solomon Chapter III, Scripture 11 ).

The pumping of joy from the Source is inherent in life. We would not go far out if we were to say that the first experience of paradise is experienced during endometrial life. Then everything is done on their own. Sleep, nutrition, in the most appropriate environment in terms of safety, temperature, etc. We are a new organ in the mother’s organism, from which we take everything as a matter of priority, even if it is at the expense of it (pumping iron, calcium) because we have the same blood circulation. But it also has a negative, that is, the transfer of negative emotions and emotions of the mother to us, through the transfusion of the disorder of its related hormones.

This is also confirmed in this primordial-first relationship that life is characterized by the alternation of joy with sadness, peace with war. And of course, during the endometrial life, the relationship with the mother is not unique since we are sure to receive information-stimuli from the wider environment. I do not forget the case of our first child’s gestation in her eighth month. Warm weather, open windows in central Athens. Sitting in the living room with my wife we are studying as protagonists – the accomplished miracle of life in her belly.

The calm of the atmosphere and the abdomen disturbs the intense curving from the street. It was the reaction, the snapping of the child as if you were scared in his sleep. Such a rapid reaction testified that it came from the irritation of his own nervous system and not from his mother’s blood-borne neuro-hormonal stimulation.

The first eviction from paradise occurs with childbirth. Maximum traumatic experience. The environment outside the paradise is colder, the lack of oxygen causes the first breaths that break out and burn the tender lungs, and then the deliberate firing of the umbilical cord cut.

Crying is cruel and necessary.

After all, you can feel the warmth of the warm maternal embrace and the soft breast offering sensual pleasure, the pleasure of satiety, the guarantee of survival and the sweet sleep as a means of returning to the lost paradise.

Crying is now a weapon that helps to meet needs, enjoyment, communication, and joy. And, of course, all of this is accomplished by the acts of hypertrophy of the new man’s ego during his infant, infant, childhood, adolescence (and not only).

During these periods of immaturity, the main characteristic of behaviour is based on the law of pleasure and pleasure, which is “I want everything, here and now”.

Of course, in the process of socialization, parents are forced to impose limits for which they have no knowledge or experience, thus improvising or applying “cliché” measures of their parents’ behaviour, even if they did not agree with them.

This is the basic model of the function of the parent-child relationship, which does not differ substantially in all other interpersonal relationships – as we will see in detail below – as they are all immobilized in the immaturity (ignorance of oneself) whose main characteristics are its interest continuous increase of joy through the enjoyment of the variety of qualities and the overcoming of all kinds of limits (exceeding of quantities). It is the violation of the excellence of the measure and submission to the forces of self-love and selfishness.

Forces that lead to acts that determine through relationships, the lives of people (karma in Eastern religions and philosophies). Of course, it does not have to do with destiny or our actions in an earlier life, but with the mechanics of the transfer of behaviour from generation to generation. The mechanism which, as it imposes selfishness and selfishness, is the only obstacle to “knowing it”, since it maintains in the opposite direction (ignorance) the ” Flow “

Concept Of Communication


People, people

pass and leave

and remain in memories

so few, for so little,

but bequeathed mechanics.

People blessed (?)

that come and go

and they stay in memories

so many, for so much,

and it is normal

even the opposite

their presence.

So why and why?

this human paradox?

But, obviously, the ignorance of existence.

Adhering to the convenient

and interest (?)

in the deification of ” I “

and not of ” us “

the separation

and not to the union.

So it does not stop

to “be afraid of Yiannis the beast

and the yolk of Giannis”.

Oh! your memory

the Divine Gift,

which thanks Sou

gets into existence

and Flow and Time,

the Past and the Present

but the Future.

Thanks, Sou exist

within the Universe the net

and thanks Sou and that’s it.

Oimen! if you stay alone

losing the rhetoric Logos

and the horse of the Fantasy,

you are standing unmovable

defining Truth

the humble reality.

But let me try

better to meet you

and from your absence

the existence, while living, (Alzheimer’s disease)

as this separation

states and defines

what it means

” Splitting ”

that is the sensory, mnemonic

but also emotional

-conscious or unconscious-

lack of data

of the subject in the subject.

Ali! a knot stuck

in the Universe the net,

– while Prometheus-

its existence ignores it

but also the net.

It is based on the book “The Return to Love, Truth, Life, Love” by Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist Stratis G. Economou, which is registered with ISBN 960 220 058 8.

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    Then it is “illuminated,” the man is matured, “experiencing” the concept of Sequence (of the reciprocity of consistency) of the universal network, reproaching: “Allah». Τhe word «Allah» completely changes and alters the whole meaning. The correct word in this case is «Hallelujah». Please very much make the corresponding corrections otherwise you will need to download the article from your website.

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