The Legend of Ellén Trechend


One of my favorite Gaelic legend is about the infamous, Ellén Trechend in 8th to 9th century Irish mythology and is also known in Gaelic as Aillén Trechenn .

Art below of a depiction of Ellén Trechend by Nifty Buckles ©2018


Strong minded women have in the past been considered some sort of threat to insecure men in our society. Even in the past a character such as Ellén Trechend was given a bad rap. She was known in legend as a triple-headed monster (most likely a woman with her own opinion) that is mentioned in the text “Cath Maige Mucrama”, (The Battle of Mag Mucrima) as having appeared from the cave of Cruachan (Rathcroghan, County Roscommon) accompanied by goblins and a flock of copper red birds, helped to destroy Ireland and create chaos among the Irish folk. This monstrous creature according to an array of authors claim that the…

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