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In case you haven’t noticed, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Be nice to your mom. Maybe you could even hang out with her. I promise she’ll like it better than flowers that come in a box, or even a new book (sacrilege, I know). And hey, these twenty-two famous authors did it—even if some of them were babies at the time. So to celebrate some of our greatest writers and the women who brought them into the world, below you’ll find snapshots of Ernest Hemingway, Marguerite Duras, Jorge Luis Borges, Maya Angelou and more, all captured spending quality time with their mothers. (Flowers are nice too.)

hemingway familyErnest Hemingway and his family at his boyhood home at 339 N. Oak Park Place Ave in Oak Park, Illinois. 1918. The Hemingway family from left to right: his father, Dr Clarence; his mother, Mrs Grace, Ernest; Madelaine; Ursula; Marcelline and Leicester and Carol in front. Reuters file photo via IBT.Marguerite Duras with her motherMarguerite Duras with her mother, Marie Donnadieu, via JSTORSylvia Plath with her mother Aurelia and brother Warren, circa 1952, via Vintage EverydayMaya Angelou and her mother, Vivian Baxter. Random House via NPR.virginia woolf and momA young Virginia (Woolf) with her mother, Julia Stephen. Photo by Henry H. H. Cameron via Camberwell FoxesJulio Cortazar with his motherJulio Cortazar with his mother in Austria, 1963, via Publicableagatha christie motherAgatha Christie with her mother, Clara, via Pinterest.roald dahl and momA young Roald Dahl with his mother, Sofie (and pet dog) in the garden of Ty Mynydd, circa 1919, via Roald Dahl Facts.Tennessee Williams with his motherTennessee Williams with his mother, Edwina Williams, via WNYCamy tan motherAmy Tan and her mother, Daisy, 1989, via NPReudora welty and motherEudora Welty and her mother, Chestina, in their garden. Photograph by Rollie McKenna, via Pinterestproust and momMarcel Proust with his mother, Jeanne Clémence Weil, and brother, Robert, circa 1895, via NYRBarthur miller familyArthur Miller with his mother Augusta, his father Isidore, and his new wife, Marilyn Monroe, 1956, via Infinite Marilyn MonroeA pretty disgruntled baby Italo Calvino, with his mother, Eva Mameli Calvino, via Pinterestraymond carver mother10-year-old Raymond Carver with his mother Ella, and brother James, via The Quivering Penflannery o'connor motherFlannery O’Connor (second from left) with a friend, some nuns (Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet), and her mother, Regina, in 1961, via the Arlington Catholic HeraldThomas Wolfe and his motherThomas Wolfe and his mother Julia, via N.C. Historic Sites.borges and motherJorge Luis Borges with his mother Leonor, on the Westminster Bridge, 1963, via This RecordingDoris Lessing with her motherDoris Lessing with her mother Emily, her brother, and some very good dogs, via Numero Cinqmarianne moore and motherMarianne Moore (right) and her mother, Mary Warner Moore, Brooklyn, 1932, via NYRBphilip roth familyPhilip Roth with his mother Bess, his father and brother, 1942, via Newark Public LibraryWilliam Carlos Williams with his motherWilliam Carlos Williams with his mother, Rachel Helena Hoeb, via William Carlos Williams.

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