Spiritual Atheism


Myth Crafts

Now how’s that for an apparent oxymoron? How can the words Atheism and Spiritual work together?

Well, for one, you can listen to or read Sam Harris. neuro-scientist,  materialist/reductionist, and a man who still insists on his spiritual position – despite being one of the so called four horsemen of the New Atheism, which included the late, great Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkns and Daniel Dennet. All of these have openly described their “numinous” experience, moments of sublime, oceanic connectedness. Keep track of that word: it’s going to make several appearances.

You could look the writings of Noah Levine, whose focus is on Atheist Buddhism with a with an emphasis on recovery. You could take it up directly with the Buddha of the Hinyana tradition, which is the oldest branch of Buddhism, enshrined in the so called Pali Cannon. Despite popular conceptions (and the fact that the Mahayana tradition which followed…

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