C. G. Jung’s Red Book in a hurry – Narrative




The «Red Book» created between 1914 and 1930 can be described as a visual diary of dreams.  Jung  described this book – its language and emotions seem at times almost embarrassing – as important testimonies of his psychological and spiritual development. The psychoanalyst referred to his unfinished work as a !necessary but annoying ‘aesthetic elaboration”‘. This is the crux of the matter. The price is annoying and the ‘ Red Book ‘ combines beauty with an aura of art and mystery. I highly recommend it to anyone who is involved with C.G. Jung, because it is a key work in the history of spirituality. It is also beautiful. This article contains my notes to the Red Book in form of a narrative and how I understood it for myself.  I must warn you, even a short version of C.G. Jung results in a long article. The narrative is in the…

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