Wisdom from Ganesha: Work Smarter not Harder


Myth Crafts

The Hindu elephant headed God Ganesha shares some interesting features with the Egyptian God Thoth, and Thoth’s Greek counterpart, Hermes.

Like Thoth, he is the inventor of writing; as the story goes, the Hindu Epic Poem the Mahabharata was dictated to Ganesha, who broke off one of his tusks to serve as a quill. Also like Thoth, he is zoomorphic – while he has the head of an elephant, Thoth has the head of an ibis, a bird native to Africa and Australia; his other form is that of a baboon.

Like Thoth’s Greek version Hermes (in turn the Roman Mercury), he is a trickster. From the fact that his sacred animal steed is a mouse, to his fabulously round belly, his appearance belies his powers – he is both the placer and the remover of obstacles.

Few practicing Hindus would start a venture, or an adventure, without seeking the…

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