A Memorable Friend|یک دوست به یاد ماندنی


A Voice from Iran

Back then in Bushehr, there weren’t any big supermarkets or grocery stores. There was some local small shops or sellers on the sidewalks to sell vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, baked goods, etc. It was common for maids to do all the grocery shopping. Therefore, my mother never went out to buy produce.2905503088_ac81ca4e73

However, Once a week my mother drove us to downtown Bushehr. We went to the bazaar to purchase personal needs or just to have fun. Bushehr is located south of Iran and has a desert climate. Its coastline is more than 700 kilometers in the Persian Gulf and is known for its old architecture.


It is home to a Nuclear Power Plant, and also one of the important harbours for imports and exports of trading goods. Many foreign engineers and technicians lived there to work in the Nuclear Power Plant. One day as we were shopping in downtown…

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