The Untold Story Of An Indian Farmer



I have never felt hungry, that is probably whyIcould never appreciate the value of food,i have never faced the dearth of bread and that is probably why I could never understand a farmers significance. 641402514 or approximately 64 crore people are dependent on agriculture in India, who in winters chill or summer’s heat, work tirelessly so that we can eat. But we fail to understand the story behind their pain and sorrow. They are the only beings in our economy who buy everything at retail, sell everything at wholesale, and ultimately suffer both ways.

Farmers face problems in every phase of life, may it betrying to procure new technology, fighting famines and trying their best to irrigate their fields or acquiring loans at very high interest rates and falling into a debt trap as they have low incomes but high costs of cultivation .According to statistics about 50 per cent…

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