Jung had conversations with his soul …


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

In September 1916, Jung had conversations with his soul that provided further elaboration and clarification of the cosmology of the Sermones. September 25:

[Soul]: “How many lights do you want, three or seven? Three is the heartfelt and modest, seven the general and encompassing.”

[I:] “What a question! And what a decision! I must be true: I think I would like seven lights.”

[Soul:] “Seven, you say? I thought so. That has broad scope-cold lights.”

[I:] “I need cooling, fresh air. Enough of this stifling mugginess. Too much fear and not enough free breathing. Give me seven lights.”

[Soul:] “The first light means the Pleroma. / The second means Abraxas. / The third the sun. / The fourth the moon. / The fifth the earth. / The sixth the phallus. / The seventh the stars.”

[I:] “Why were there no birds, and why were the celestial mother and the sky…

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