The Wolf and the Lamb: A Pretext for Tyranny


Myth Crafts

One day a wolf came across a lost little lamb who had been separated from its flock. Upon seeing the lamb, the wolf felt his hunger rising, and he tried to justify his desire to kill the lamb.
“I believe you were the sheep that gravely insulted me last year” the wolf said to the lamb.
“That cannot be” replied the lamb “for I was not even born back then”.
“Well” said the wolf “You feed in my pasture and eat all my grass”.
“No, sir” bleated the lamb “I have not yet even tasted grass”
“But you drink from my well” cried the wolf.
“I do not” refuted the lamb. “My mother’s milk is all I need for both food and drink”.
Upon hearing this the wolf grabbed the little lamb and ate him anyway, exclaiming “Well, I won’t remain hungry, even if you refute every one of my…

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