August 4, 2016- A Message of Divine Inspiration and Self-Reliance




All too often we find ourselves running around our bedrooms at 4 a.m., filled to the brim with ideas, but then in the morning we’ll have zero motivation to make those ideas a reality. We have long term mindsets, always thinking of what could be, but rarely of how we can make it happen.

The Magician implies strong will, mixed with creativity. It is a time for great skill and imagination to come into play. A lot of us have different talents: some of us have mastered writing, others are better with technology, art, or movement. Use that skill you have, and improve upon it with each day. Practice patience and self-control. It is inconvenient and uncomfortable, but necessary. Your creativity will not fail you. In a world where it pays to be flexible, sneaky, and crafty, your originality and masterful creativity will not let you down. Self-discipline and strong…

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