Butterfly Journal: Harmony (Month 9, Entry 2) – Flow


Through the Peacock's Eyes

b8 Butterfly Photography by Julianne Victoria

In the last entry for this month, I discussed the art of allowing, especially allowing relationships to be harmonious by removing resistance to the way I thought or expected them to be, and instead allowing myself and others to express and be the higher vibrations that we truly are. And I continue working on this art of allowing with a focus on allowing things to flow.

Last night I began facilitating the 12-class workshop of journeying through Butterfly Journal. (see information below if you’d like to join in. I will keep it open for sign-ups until the 2nd class, and you will get a recording of the first to catch up!) Leading up to it, I had the usual stresses and worries swirling in and out of my mind: Will others speak up and participate? Will there be clashes of personalities? Will…

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After Hours event 25/02/16: A mummy re-rolling


Egypt at the Manchester Museum

After Hours: Gifts for the Gods

Thursday 25 February


Manchester Museum. Drop-in, free, adults

A vibrant and eclectic evening where you can meet the curators, mummify some oranges, enjoy a glass of wine and much more.

IMG_1969Join Drs Stephanie Woolham, Lidija McKnight and Campbell Price as they rewrap a mummy, print a poem or hieroglyphic message to send to the gods or take a journey through the catacombs in the ‘Gifts for the Gods’ exhibition.


The University of Manchester is synonymous with the historic unwrapping of Egyptian human mummies. In a reversal of these events, as a way of learning more about how mummies were wrapped, rather than preserved, a public ‘re-rolling’ of an experimental animal mummy will take place. Manchester-based researchers and curators will work together with the view to answering the question – how easy is it to wrap a mummy? – and how long…

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