Butterfly Journal: Expansion (Month 8, Entry 2)


Through the Peacock's Eyes

wood_nymph Art by Josephine Wall

In Entry 1 for the eighth month of Butterfly Journal I discussed empathy, compassion, the differences between the two, and how both connect us to in this interconnected web of existence. Since posting that post, I have been both observing and contemplating on how much expansion I have experienced just in the past couple of months:

  • I’ve moved to a new location that I love.
  • My Tarot, Astrology, & Energy Healing practice has been expanding in busy-ness and in growing internationally.
  • I’ve been expanding my personal yoga practice once again to an almost daily practice.
  • Locally I have been expanding my connections – meeting new people and regularly exploring new locations.
  • And without even trying and with people just appearing to me, I have begun to attract and build a local client base.

I definitely have been “bursting out of the bonds of the cocoon,”…

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