Animal Spirits: The Octopus


Through the Peacock's Eyes

octopus1During a Chakra Balancing & Healing Mini-Session earlier this week, an octopus appeared. I often receive shamanic visions while doing any type of energy healing session, whether it is Chakra Balancing, Reiki, or other forms of energy healing (see post: Five Types of Energy Work for Holistic Health), and though that octopus vision was a specific message for that client, it has inspired me to write up this animal spirits post about the octopus.

Octopus symbolism is deep and complex. As an intelligent creature of the deep ocean waters, the octopus represents many feminine attributes: intuition, emotions, the psyche, the unconscious, and the ability to move through the darkness – the mysterious, occult, and our shadows.

The octopus is also a master of disguise and can change shape and color. This shapeshifting ability gives them protection, flexibility, agility, and adaptability. However their defenses don’t stop here. They also eject thick…

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