Butterfly Journal – Returning Into The Cocoon


Through the Peacock's Eyes

neptune-in-pisces-i-leave-the-fathers-home-and-turning-back-i-saveIt’s been nearly a year since I journeyed through my Butterfly Journalsharing with all who have visited this blog some of my transformative journey of the past few years. With Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, going retrograde today in Pisces for the next five months, I thought this would be a good time for returning into the cocoon and making another journey through Butterfly Journal.

My natal Moon is in Pisces, my 8th house of transformation, metamorphosis, change, and all things deep, occult, hidden, and metaphysical. Pisces and Neptune symbolize the unconscious realm, the Psyche (Ancient Greek ψυχη means spirit/soul and butterfly), the dreamworld, and our psychology and mental well-being.

To re-intoduce my journey through Butterfly JournalMonthly Contemplations for Spiritual Metamorphosis, I will begin by posting the introduction for you here:

Butterflies are one of Nature’s most beautiful and amazing creatures. They flutter about…

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