my soul is dressed in motley



Clown akzhana abdali

with blasphemy of thought inside to out
I shall wear motley on my soul to hide fool
there in my brain, where absorbed in vanity
it is a clown…my soul…a jester…marionette
or a mime awareness hiding there…intangible

my soul is acrobat through air caparisoned
in skin-tight diamante…soft leather shoes
to better grip the line…hands limed to grasp
a constant swinging bar

my soul is tissue white…as pierrot pirouette,
its friend the moon, it pines for solitude…or as
marionette attached to life, it mimics amplitude,
though sometimes it fades diaphanous to smoke

my soul is mime…its whiteface mirrors moment me
in living archetype, and I sense poseur mystery in
the knowing there behind its stoic mask

my soul is clown…floppy shoes and baggy pants
as immature it pedals circles on a tiny trike
playing slapstick to the crowd…it is costumed
yellow black orange white…big red nose and
smiling mouth kept simple by…

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The Key to Empowerment


Through the Peacock's Eyes

Magpie Seven of FeathersAs I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve begun to post Daily Insights Through the Peacock’s Eyes on my YouTube channel. For today’s Daily Insight I used the Animal Wisdom Tarot, and card that came up was Magpie, Seven of Feathers. The message that stuck out for me was the image of the key held by the magpie. As I was doing the reading (see video below), I kept having flashes of dreams I used to have about keys. This dream series probably began around 2005. For several years there were two concurrent themes to my key dream series: 1) I am getting my key back from someone, and 2) I am searching for or finding a keyhole.

With the first theme, though I was getting my key back from someone I had been in a relationship with, the dreams weren’t so much about him as they were about…

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Spring Comes Slowly



‘Tis a month before the month of May, and the Spring comes slowly up this way. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Spring in the marsh is about patience and attention to details. While elsewhere, the crocus, daffodils, tulips, and crabapples are in colorful profusion, spring has a much more austere arrival in the marsh.

Over the last month, I made four treks into the same wetlands I filmed this past fall and winter. I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the marsh, but have never paid as close attention to its chronology of changing seasons until I began this project. Looking for signs of new growth in early April felt like a needle-in-a-haystack search. I was sure that spring would mean the cattails would be bursting forth in green, or at least showing some bare signs of emerging from the ground anew. Silly me. Ironically, I found that this time of year, when everything…

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Curator’s Diary 20/05/15: Discussing & Displaying Tutankhamun


Egypt at the Manchester Museum

Last week I attended a conference on the complexities of moving and displaying objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun. These world-renowned artefacts, from perhaps the greatest archaeological find in history, have already begun to be moved from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to a new home in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Giza, which will display objects focusing on the themes of kingship and eternity – including the Tutankhamun tomb group. International participants met between 10-14th May in various venues in Cairo to discuss possible approaches.

Dr Tarek Tawfik, Director of the Grand Egyptian Museum Project, opens the conference Dr Tarek Tawfik, Director of the Grand Egyptian Museum Project, opens the Tutankhamun conference at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC)

The issues posed by the move are manifold. How to conserve often very fragile objects that have rarely – if ever – left their 90 year old display cases? How to transport them safely? How to interpret them in…

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“The Goddess Hathor: Iconography”


AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

We are very glad to present you the study
“The Goddess Hathor: Iconography”
dedicated to the iconography of the Goddess Hathor

(click on the image to open the link)


-Hathor in anthropomorphic form
-The Seven Hathor-Goddesses
-The Hathor-head
-Zoomorphic forms of Hathor
-Hathor in the form of ‘menat’-necklace

Iconographic index:
I part: Hathor in anthropomorphic form
-Hathor in the breastfeeding scenes
-The Seven Hathor-Goddesses

II part: the Hathor-head

III part: Hathor in Her form of sacred cow
-Hathor as a cow-headed woman

IV part: Hathor in Her form of sacred female falcon
-Hathor as a human-headed female falcon

V part: Hathor as a lioness-headed woman

VI part: Hathor in Her form of sacred uraeus
-Hathor as a human-headed uraeus
-Hathor as a cow-headed uraeus
-Hathor as a lioness-headed uraeus

VII part: Hathor in Her form of human-headed ‘menat’-necklace

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