Animal Spirits: The Hummingbird


Through the Peacock's Eyes

images-1Though wrote about the hummingbird about a year and a half ago, tucked into the post on The Raven/Crow, I’ve recently had some amazing encounters and feel the hummingbird deserves a post of her own. Whenever a hummingbird visits me, hovering for a minute or two in front of me, I’ve always sensed that it is one of my guardian angels, usually my grandmother, telling me that she is there and all is well. Yesterday, while hiking around Golden Gate Park with my pups, I had a very beautiful encounter.

We were near the end of a two hour hike in the park and about to walk over the beach to take in the ocean when a hummingbird stopped in front of us and danced around for a few minutes. She came closer and closer, showing us her different colors that reflect when the light hits her feathers…

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